Be careful what you “do” on social media…

Here’s an interesting Times article that boils down to what was done with the data obtained via a Facebook quiz app. Note that Facebook did not create this app, but a third party consultant. The intent? To distill enough information about a given voting segment to create political messaging designed to influence those voters.

Although the title is quite misleading, it does capture the fact that people willingly gave clues regarding their political-psychological leanings while “taking the quiz”. Seems harmless, right?


However, they didn’t know that the author was also scraping their profile to gather more information about them and that of their friends. The app author was paid more than $800,000 to create the app… so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they weren’t simply trying to figure out your hair color.

Unfortunately, this article is behind the Times pay wall so you’ll have to use one of your 5 monthly free reads if you don’t have a subscription.

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions

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Be careful what you “do” on social media…

Interesting “article” about employee virtualization

Over the years I’ve learned to take most “news” outlets with a grain of salt. This source is one of those instances.

Sometimes, however, they hit the nail on the head… and instead of regurgitating well-known fact they bring a useful bit of information to the forefront. I’m not yet so convinced that this is as widespread as they imply; case in point, the sample used isn’t detailed and we can’t see just made up this “over 270 participating organizations”.

Anyway, draw your own conclusions.

Your Boss Thinks He Could Do More Without You

Interesting “article” about employee virtualization