Be careful what you “do” on social media…

Here’s an interesting Times article that boils down to what was done with the data obtained via a Facebook quiz app. Note that Facebook did not create this app, but a third party consultant. The intent? To distill enough information about a given voting segment to create political messaging designed to influence those voters.

Although the title is quite misleading, it does capture the fact that people willingly gave clues regarding their political-psychological leanings while “taking the quiz”. Seems harmless, right?


However, they didn’t know that the author was also scraping their profile to gather more information about them and that of their friends. The app author was paid more than $800,000 to create the app… so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they weren’t simply trying to figure out your hair color.

Unfortunately, this article is behind the Times pay wall so you’ll have to use one of your 5 monthly free reads if you don’t have a subscription.

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions

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Be careful what you “do” on social media…

Give me a break.

If you received (or do receive) an invitation from me to participate in the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, there’s a reason why I sent it. The intent is not to insight aggression or to divide anybody… rather, to preserve the sanctity of personal choice in the face of political oppression. Yep, I said it. So please don’t be upset or offended at me. If you care to do so, please read on for that “why”.

The “controversy” isn’t that someone was refused employment or service because of their lifestyle, race or gender. If that was the case then I would never eat at Chick-Fil-A again, the same way I haven’t eaten at a Denny’s in almost 20 years.

I normally don’t get involved with politically charged issues because time is precious and I choose not to waste it. The crux of the matter is that NO ONE HAS ANY BUSINESS forcing their will upon anyone else because it doesn’t agree with their world view.
Oh, you don’t like the way I think? Fine; keep it moving.

ONE MAN was asked his for PERSONAL opinion on an issue, in a religious publication, and he responded truthfully… unlike most political, community, and corporate leaders of today. He did NOT construe that opinion to have ANYTHING to do with the OFFICIAL Chick-Fil-A policy, which is a non-discriminatory organization to either its employees or customers.

Let me be clear: I have the same Christian views. Even so, it isn’t up to me to make choices for other people. I don’t have to like the choices that people make, but that doesn’t make me a bigot or hateful. In fact, I have family and friends who have chosen alternative lifestyles and I love them just the same. The bottom line is that I don’t have the right to judge anyone else for a legal lifestyle they choose to lead, whether or not I agree with it… but that is exactly what is happening here, in the opposite direction.

It is amazing to me that a group who has felt “so persecuted” for “so long” is now delivering that same persecution that made the group uncomfortable in the first place. For whatever reason, the antagonists in this issue apparently believe it is their right to brainwash everyone who thinks differently. For what purpose? To make themselves feel better? What about the innocent employees who simply show up for work each day? This is blackmail of the worst kind.

If any group is so insecure about their own choices that they have to cause an uproar and make it too expensive for a person to have their own opinion then maybe they need to have some quiet time for self-reflection instead of charging out in cow and chicken suits and trying to incite a “peaceful” riot.

<<< drops mic, exists stage right >>>

Give me a break.