Tech Talks – May 2018


I had the honor of meeting (and in some cases, reconnecting) with a great group of people at Bradenton’s Station 2 Innovation. Spark Growth put on one of their many Tech Talks, inviting subject matter experts to share what new and useful in their fields of passion. Mine, of course, is Cortana.  😉

For the participants of my talk this morning: Thank you for enthusiasm and attendance! Here’s the slide deck that we (kind of) went through. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding today’s content.

Tech Talks – May 2018

Farewell, Dr. Ashley

Dr. Clyde Ashley

I earned my MBA from the illustrious School of Business and Industry at Florida A&M University in May 2000. To a large degree, that would not have been possible without Dr. Clyde Ashley. No, he didn’t do me any “favors” (that I’m aware of)…  but his constant presence, support and guidance were instrumental in my matriculation there. He was so down to earth that he tried to discourage me from calling him “Dr. Ashley” after about 2010; it didn’t work.

How does one describe Dr. Ashley? I can think of quite a few phrases:

  • A consumate gentleman
  • Always demanding excellence
  • Amazingly aggressive
  • Caringly critical
  • Defender of those under his wings
  • Encourager of all
  • Exacting of effort
  • Exhalter of anyone due credit
  • Fiercely loyal
  • Poetic to a fault
  • Progressively protective
  • Stalwart, without peer

… but none of these do the man justice. Words fail to describe the heart that was his and how he looked after anyone he felt worthy of personal patronage — which was doggone near everyone. I can’t tell you how many times he encouraged me. His method wasn’t empty words though; rather, he challenged you, and challenged you, and challenged you… until you had no choice but to respond. Even still, his method is best described by the following:

My way is all love and confidence, and I cannot understand those souls who are afraid of so loving a Friend.” –  St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Doc, thank you for pouring everything that was you into so many of us. You made an impact on my life that can never be forgotten or erased. You will be missed. Rest well.

Farewell, Dr. Ashley