Orlando Code Camp 2016!

(For what I feel is the first time in a long time…) My talk crashed and burned.

The projector setup in my assigned room had a VERY bad VGA cable that my Surface Book refused to work with… at all. So the participants at my talk sat and waited for nearly 25 minutes (out of a total of 50 allocated minutes!) until a couple of MacGyver-types figured out how to get things working again (thanks you two!). We raced though the content of the talk but I felt bad that they had to drink from the firehose on what was already a LOT to ingest in under an hour.

So, good people, I apologize that things weren’t right for you while we were there. Hopefully you’ll be able to easily figure things out based on the comments in the code. If you’re coming to the Tallahassee Code Camp on 4/16/2016 please consider giving me another chance.  🙂

Here’s the URL of the repository: https://github.com/azarc3/CortanaDeepDive

— Happy Coding!

Orlando Code Camp 2016!

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