Gems in the most unlikely places

I wouldn’t call myself wildly successful. At least, not by the terms my professors and peers would use. Don’t get me wrong; I’m pretty good at what I do and I love my hobbies; but I think every successful person desires “more”. Usually that “more” is different for everyone, but sometimes? Sometimes that more is the same for everyone.

I ran across this gem this morning when I should’ve already started my workday… but I simply had to share. I hope some of the people that I know and love get as much out of it as I did and will.

I encourage you to read it, but realize two things:

  1. The author is performing a philosophical brain dump.
  2. He is “talking” as he talks to himself.

The topic is Failure, and how to avoid it.

The post is quite long and author goes into a tangential digression in the form of many stories. The anecdotes are competing though, and the “one-off” parallels to my own life/career/way-of-thinking (as I like to call them) resonate deeply. Surprisingly, the first one that hit me was “G) HUMILITY”. He wasn’t talking about arrogance in general, but the effect of entitlement (in any shape or form). I got caught up in the local rat race about 2 years ago and had forgotten how much I felt (and still feel) the same way.

Anyway, here are the author’s ten suggestions (the content in parenthesis are my comments):

  1. Honesty (with yourself)
  2. Help (you’re going to need it)
  3. People (stop associating with those who are only burdens)
  4. Realism (know that you’ll make mistakes and fail along the way… but above all, keep pushing, striving, moving forward)
  5. 1% a Day (work to improve yourself everyday, however that means to you, but everyday)
  6. Ideas (you have them all the time; write down at least 10 a day)
  7. Humility (you are entitled to NOTHING; instead, focus on achieving)
  8. Learn (however you like to do so, and never stop)
  9. Play (you must; for example, even a saw needs to be sharpened on a regular basis)
  10. It Doesn’t Matter (treat triumph and disaster just the same)

I’ve got to get to work now; I hope this gives you something to think about today. 😉

Gems in the most unlikely places