My thoughts on Women in Tech

Let me be honest: Some of my best ideas were either started by or honed through conversations with my fiancé. I find that I have to keep a notebook handy just to make sure I don’t lose gems she doesn’t even know she’s dropped. And she’s no where near a coder; in fact, some people probably wouldn’t consider her a techie at all.

[SIDEBAR: Those who have known me long enough know that my love affair with the Visual Studio IDE was started by a woman named Sara Ford.]

This morning I saw this article: This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like (from WIRED via Nuzzel). It outlines a small sliver of the issues concerning women in tech. Said bluntly, there is a fount of mental and literal wealth tied up in the women we regularly interact with. In keeping with points raised during the keynote at Tampa Code Camp 2014, we owe it the community (and ourselves) to encourage them.

We need to encourage our female acquaintances, coworkers, friends and family who are in tech — both implementers and facilitators — to be as vocal and visible as possible in their respective bailiwicks. Doing so doesn’t cost us anything more than a passing mention when we see them… maybe 5 total minutes per person? And even that would be spread out over time. Think months or years.

The harvest that could come out of something so inexpensive, however, is priceless.

Just my 2¢.

My thoughts on Women in Tech

Lumia Cyan Update Available for the 1520!

NOTE: Special Thanks to Paul Thurrott for being the willing guinea pig.

If you haven’t heard already you’ll have to go though a few steps to get it. It turns out that *ALL* 1520s have Bitlocker already turned on and there is no way to turn it off. Which means that you’ll have to downgrade your phone back to Windows Phone 8.0 using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool. That *WILL* replace the firmware and wipe out all your data. Hopefully you’ve previously had Backup turned on and your stuff is in the cloud.

During the process I hit a snag when the Recovery tool wasn’t able to reconnect to my phone after successfully downgrading it… so I wasn’t immediately able to reconnect properly to any of my backups.  TO BE CLEAR: If I had been able to reconnect my phone to my Wi-Fi and log into my Microsoft account BEFORE the timer on the Recovery Tool had ended I would have been able to restore my phone. So the “problem” above was entirely due to user fumbling… and it would’ve been nice if Nokia had given me a bit more time on the timer. ;/

I decided to try a hard reset (since I didn’t have anything to lose anyway) and *duh-duh-duh-dah!* there were my available backups. It took about 20 minutes to do the restore but it worked… with the exception that I had to re-enter nearly all my email account passwords (and I have a LOT with extra-strong passwords).

It appears that many of my personalized settings (lockscreen, theme, glance, etc.) weren’t restored but I don’t really consider that to be a problem.

Long story short — (so far) I’m happy with the result despite the bumps and bruises.  😉

Here are the instructions for how to successfully downgrade from the Develop Preview then upgrade your phone to Lumia Cyan:

If you need to hard reset your 1520, here’s how to do that:

Have fun!

Lumia Cyan Update Available for the 1520!