I can’t stand #PaidTrolls.

Surface 2 design changes make it more difficult to crack open and repair

This is the kind of crap that I don’t understand…

To all you tech pundits, so-called tech journalists, bloggers and others that think they know what they’re talking about: LET ME SAY IT PLAINLY — the Surface RT and the Surface 2 were *NOT DESIGNED* to be opened, upgraded or repaired by mere mortals. In fact, normal people CAN’T upgrade any variant of the Surface: most of its components are permanently soldered or glued into place. This is squarely in the realm of the MacGyvers of the world.

And let’s keep it real: just how many people open up an iOS or AndroidOS tablet to “fix” or “upgrade” it? That number is incredibly and vanishingly small in the scheme of things. And those who really, really, really want to void their warranty are certainly more than welcome to open theirs up…

… but why the heck would you mess with that anyway when you can simply walk into a Microsoft Store (or kiosk) and say, “This is broken”? Their response (after verifying that it’s broken) is, “OK! Here you go!” and hand you a BRAND NEW device! I know this is true because I did just that with my first-run Gen 1 Surface Pro… and I didn’t even buy it directly from Microsoft; I got mine from Best Buy. Now of course that doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. Also, if you crack the screen because you put it in a vise or slam it in a car door that is your bad. But if you’ve got faulty hardware, you’re covered.

And if I’m not mistaken a normal person can’t convert a 32GB iPad into a 64GB model, correct? Again, a MacGyver would be needed.

Back to the point of this rant… these libelous “investigative pieces” that report only a quarter of the truth are really, really stupid. Instead of creating garbage to “report on” regarding hardware that’s simply well put together and incredibly functional, how about you guys check your facts and tell the whole story?



I can’t stand #PaidTrolls.