Azure: Stuck at “Resolving DNS”?

… I simply cannot believe sometimes it appears that the infamous update for a particular service doesn’t make it all the way back to the client.


What does this mean? Well, I created a new storage account, #20 of 20. I know that is a large number, but bear with me.  🙂

The other 19 were just fine, but for some reason #20 just didn’t want to finish ticking over. I’d been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… waiting for that durned “Resolving DNS” notice to go away… and it never did. Not until I wised up and decided to use another browser. Imagine my horror when I realized that I’d been waiting on the browser cache to clear, because my alternative browser (read NOT IE 10) had no cache for this site. When I closed IE10 and opened it up again…? Yep, I wanted to go throw up.



Azure: Stuck at “Resolving DNS”?

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